The Coke Machine!

Remember when you bought Cokes from these big, red, happy boxes? I remember they cost 6-cents! And, all of them were in glass bottles! No cans, plastic, or varying sizes either. No diet, no caffeine-free! They were coupled with television watching (all of one to three stations!) or a picnic or maybe part of an after school snack. Did you put peanuts in your Coke for a salty/sweet treat? Was Coke your favorite soft drink when you were a wee lad or lassie? Even though the cooler read Coke, there were other drinks inside too, like RC, Grapette, Grape Nehi, Big Red, Dr. Pepper (at 10, 2, and 4), and others! What did you call these drinks? Soda pop? Soda water? Just pop? What soft drink was your favorite and what did you like it paired with? I loved Big Red, and especially loved it with vanilla ice cream as a float! Yum! What was a favorite taste of your youth?


Drive-in Theaters

Movies under the stars! Double features, maybe even triple features! Snack bars! Picnics inside the car! Speakers dangling from car windows! Six-cent sodas! Snuggling under blankets or fanning away summer heat! Swing sets with happy youngsters swishing back and forth! Dollar a carload! A big family’s dream come true! Do you remember these things called drive-in movies?? What a way to spend a Saturday night! Did you ever drive off with the speaker still attached? We did! Did you ever have a “Wake up, little Susie” experience of falling asleep at the movie only to awaken at one or two in the morning? I hear in the Dallas area, we’ll get to relish these events again! What family, squeaky clean memories about drive-ins can you share? I bet you have some doozies! Please tell us!

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Boomer Skates

When you see skates from yesteryear, does your heart smile? Mine does! I spent many an hour on these clunky things and enjoyed every second, skinned knees and all! No knee pads in those days, and girls didn’t wear long pants much, if ever, so our bony knees were always exposed! My friends and I rolled all over the neighborhood giggling to beat the band! Such freedom! Such bliss! Falling down, getting up—all in a day’s play! And, all of this was after searching high and low to find that illusive skate key! Did you have trouble keeping up with your key, or were you like my beautiful put-together cousin Liz who always knew where hers was? Did you have skates like these or did you have shoe skates? Did you like skating? Tell us about your skating experiences!

Happy Daddy Memories

Since we just celebrated Father’s Day last week, let’s mention some of the things we did with our dads that meant a lot and still bring a smile to our hearts! My all-time favorite activity with my father was dancing on his feet! Whether it was at a family dance or at home with close kin, I LOVED dancing on Daddy’s feet! I became a princess dancing with my handsome prince! I advise this for all fathers and daughters everywhere! Your daughter will remember this loving event the rest of her life! Granddaughters will too!
I also loved when Daddy let me sit on his lap and “drive” the car! Not sure how safe or legal this was, but it left me feeling proud as punch and all giggly inside!
I remember once when a pinwheel I was holding out of the car window (no seatbelts in those days!) was whisked out of my hand by a strong breeze. Daddy pulled over, stopped the car, and ran blocks and blocks to retrieve my precious toy! Such a loving thing to do!
What happy recollections do you have about your father and you?

Happy Father’s Day

God made fathers big, strong, and full of heart! To the small child, Daddy holds the world in his hands, his hero, or her first boyfriend, who gives love and security. To the teenage boy, Dad is the one to both admire and reckon with. To the teenage girl, Dad is the one whom she looks at to tell her she’s okay with the world and to see as the example for her future husband. To the adult child, Dad is the object of affection, respect, and gratitude for all the hard work he did to lead and care for his family. Always Dad is the object of love and admiration. No matter how tall the children grow, Dad is the one who’s always looked up to and whose shoes can never be filled!
And, our heavenly Father looks down on His earthly examples, and all His children, with lavish love, protection, help in every situation, acceptance, and a preplanned, purposeful place in His family forever!
Happy Father’s Day, Abba Father, and to all the daddies with feet of clay!

The Last Day of School

As many students across this country see another school year come to a close, what memories from your by-gone days pirouette into your head from your days of scholastic achievement? Was your last day of school met with excitement for a job well done, with exhilaration of upcoming summertime events, with end-of-year parties, endless hours of hula hooping, or were you ever sad to see a school year end? When our son’s fifth grade concluded, he and his best buds were mournfully downcast! Their teacher Mrs. Rogers had wielded loving authority, stretched her pupils beyond their best, leaving her with their love and respect and the desire not to allow summer to invade their delightful adventure.

Did you ever discover a new skill at the end of school? A friend was asked to play piano at her sixth grade assembly, though she’d never had a lesson! She played by ear, and I bet she was wonderful!

Did you ever meet someone special on the last day of school? I did! I met my husband when my friend Laureen and I decided to go out and buy a Big Red soft drink to bid adieu to seventh grade.

From papers flying out of school bus windows to dance parties to the bittersweet thoughts of not seeing favorite friends and teachers every day, what was the school year’s ending like for you?

Books, Books, and More Books!

Snuggling up with a book promotes loving memories for all generations! From early childhood to preteens we had great reads thanks to the Golden Books, Weekly Reader hardbacks, Mother Goose, and more. They gave us Tweety Bird and Riddles, Miss Lollipop’s Lion, Freckle Juice, Little Toot, Little Lulu, Mr. Snitzel’s Cookies, Socks, Lady, Cinderella, Davy Crockett (loved him!), Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Fury, Nancy Drew Mysteries, The Hardy Boys, etc.! In elementary school I loved The Middle Moffat, about the dubious honor of being a middle child, and The Terrible Mr. Twitmeyer, about a mysterious dog catcher! Later I loved Little Men, and of course Little Women, which made me want to be a writer. Many of these are still available to share now with the youngest generation! What books from your childhood strike a chord of happy nostalgia and why?Lana Kruse

Orange Biographies!

There are so many great things about being a boomer, including the books we read! Maybe you had piles of them at home, but for sure, we had them not only in the classroom but also in the school library. And then, there was the giant public library downtown! But my favorite was the bookmobile that visited our neighborhood! I remember the excitement brewing inside me as I waited for that beloved contraption on wheels to make its appearance! Once there, I dove for the orange biographies! Did you just smile? I did! Remember those? It seemed like every famous person was included in the list of biographies–George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Juliette Low, founder of the Girl Scouts, Amelia Earhart, and on and on! Who did you like to read about? I just learned two things about those favored books! They have been revamped and are available again, AND were historic fiction!! I had thought every word had been true! The person and time period were factual, but the author could take license with dialogue and maybe shenanigans described. Did you like those orange hardback biographies too? If so, whose life impressed you most? If you didn’t read those, what did you read? What genre do you enjoy today?

Lana Newman Kruse

Your Own Boomer Movie

Have you ever thought or dreamed or imagined being in a movie…about yourself? Would it be a comedy, a drama, or a Sci Fi or fantasy? And, which famous Boomer would you choose to play YOU? Again you may choose someone who isn’t a movie star, but do pick someone famous! Maybe a comedian or politician or athlete would be the perfect specimen to be YOU! Tell us why and how you made your choice!Antonio Banderasjackson-reggie-imageBDWong

Love Those Boomers!

There are still over 77,000,000 baby boomers gracing this country! In my great state of Texas there are 1,622,575! The Golden State hosts the most, topping the charts at            8,809,265! Their neighbor Utah comes in second with 5,637,468! Of all the famous boomers running around, who are your favorite ones and why? They can be actors, actresses, politicians, sports figures, media personalities, or whomever you wish! You might say your father, grandmother, or Aunt Zelda, but please stick to well-know folks so we will recognize their names. They should be born between 1946 and 1964. Tell us who you admire, respect, or just find lovable! Here are a few to get your wheels crankin’!


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